Is Your Dog Misbehaving?

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(1) You’re not giving him enough exercise
(2) You haven’t trained him enough
(3) You’re reinforcing his bad behavior
(4) You don’t know your dog’s breed
(5) You’re dealing with an adolescent

~ “5 Things You’re Doing To Make Your Dog Misbehave”
~ “Metropolitan Manners for City Pets”


Taking Me For a Walk

Casey likes to walk himself. He grabs the leash in his mouth and walks me instead. Everybody smiles &/or laughs when they see him doing this. It’s like “Come on Mom. We gotta go now!” Haha!

1. Pulling on the walk
2. Distracted on the walk
3. Lunging on the walk
4. Stopping in the middle of the walk
5. Not interested in going for a walk

~ “Top 5 dog walking problems solved!”

1. Have the right energy
2. Create the rules
3. Be consistent
4. Fulfill your dog
5. Feel, don’t think

~ “5 steps to being the Pack Leader”

I Worship My Cat!

We took Casey to PetSmart yesterday for his grooming appt. I fell in love w/a playful 2-year-old orange tabby, but he had already been adopted. Boohoo!!! He was just waiting for his new pet parent to take him to his new home.

Here is a saved draft that I never posted ~
We were having breakfast at one of our favorite spots, Biscuits Cafe in Federal Way, WA, and I found a quote published in “Coffee News.” Then, I found the same quote on a sign when I searched the Web.

This is so true. . . .
•Yes Jake, I would be happy to brush you.
•Yes Jake, you may have a 2nd breakfast (or 2nd dinner).
•Yes Jake, you may have more Greenies or Purina Party Mix.
•Yes Jake, you may have some of your special treat (Applaws Tuna Loin).
•Yes Jake, would you like to go out on the patio or sit on the windowsill for some sun? Please let me open the curtain for you. You probably don’t care, but you know the blinds break when you climb thru them.
•And yes Jake, Dad would love for you to cuddle in his lap while he’s watching TV.