Has It Really Been 5 Years?

I published this post on May 24th; but for some reason, I don’t think it posted. User error maybe? Casey had a great birthday. I stopped at Petco on my way home from work and bought him & Tessie a tennis ball & a Whimzee Toothbrush dental treat.

I still remember bringing Casey home and introducing him to Tessie. It was almost 1 year after we lost our beloved Zachary Shadow. She missed her big brother Zack just as much, or maybe even more than we did. I think it was seeing my girl look so sad & lonely that made me realize I was being selfish. So when Tessie saw Casey for the first time, she was so happy. She ran circles around him.

And now, our baby boy is 5 years old today. Here’s my fave pics of Casey. . . .

Happy 5th Birthday Casey Commander!


The Geese Have Company

On Saturday, we took Casey & Tessie to see the “geeses” after breakfast and running a couple of errands. The chickens, ducks, geese, & turkeys have 2 new roommates next door.

The 2 young goats were black and/or brown in color. One had normal-looking goat ears, and the other had long floppy ears. Casey & Tessie jumped out of the car and ran over to the fence barking at them. Casey was play-barking though. The goat w/the normal-looking ears stayed back, but the one w/the floppy ears came up to the fence and was nose-to-nose w/Casey. Casey wandered off after that to go see his geese buddies, and then both goats came up to Tessie. Of course, I didn’t get any pictures, but here’s what the floppy-eared goat looked like. The other one was jumping around like he/she was dancing. They were so darn cute! We went back again on Sunday, but they were gone. What? Where did they go? All of us were so bummed!

I wish we had a house in the country or even a house w/a backyard. Then, Casey & Tessie could have a baby brother or sister goat. Haha! Click the link to read how goats make great pets and get along really well w/dogs.

Do You Want a Do-over?

Have you ever wished you could take something back? Would you handle a situation better, react differently, say something in a nicer way, etc? Then, you may need a do-over.

According to Google, the meaning of a do-over is. . . .

An opportunity to try or perform something a second time.
If Smokey sings off-key, he gets a do-over.

Learn positive training and management techniques from a roadmap for success book titled, “Do Over Dogs: Give Your Dog A Second Chance For A First Class Life (Dogwise Training Manual).” ~ Published June 25, 2010 by Pat Miller

Adoptees, rescues, and dogs that just wandered into your life all need and deserve another chance at life.

I think this is true for all pets, not just dogs. J.J. is getting his second chance for a first class life.

Do You Micromanage Your Pets?

This post was originally published on May 9, 2018. I am re-posting because (1) I added to it, and (2) I apologize if my post offends anyone. I try to just write about our pets; but sometimes, life happens. So, I write a post to get it off my chest and try relating it to our pets. Thanks for understanding!

Have you ever worked for a Micromanager? If yes, then you know what I’m talking about; and if not, then lucky you!

According to Google, what is the meaning of a Micromanager?

Control every part, however small, of (an enterprise or activity).

At one of my Temp jobs in Oklahoma City, I was late one morning due to the weather & traffic lights out. I had to go sit in the break room on timeout for 15 minutes; and of course, I did not get paid for those 15 minutes. I called the Temp Agency and told them I would not be coming back the next day. A second job in Oklahoma City wanted their Property Off-Site Managers to call when they were away from their desk (or unavailable). . .even if it was just a restroom break. At a family-owned company in Southern California, I had to send a draft email to my Supervisor for editing & approval before emailing our customer. And at another Property Management company in Southern California, we had to track our work orders on a spreadsheet. So, I created one on my computer that I could update as I go. Oh no, I could only handwrite them and in blue ink.

Don’t you think that these same Micromanagers go home and do the same w/their significant others & pets? I would not doubt it! I found these 2 articles when I was Googling the subject of micromanaging your pets. So, do you micromanage your dog?

Does your cat monitor your every move? Does she demand good service? Does she insist on scheduling? You might have a micromanaging cat.

Or. . . .
Oh good, you’re home! I need you to feed me, clean my litter box, give me fresh water, and fill my dry food bowl. . .NOW AND IN THAT ORDER! After you’re done, I’ll let you play w/me. OMG, J.J. is micromanaging me!!!

To sum up, here’s what cats have to say about the subject of micromanaging. . . .

Graduation Day

April 10, 2018 – J.J. graduated to roaming the entire apartment w/Casey & Tessie 24/7. It took almost 2 months, but our hard work to earn his trust paid off. My husband knew it was time when J.J. came and stood up to look over the gate at the end of the hall leading into the living/dining room.

My husband said one day we’ll come home and find all 3 of them sleeping together on the couch. I thought that was still a ways off; but lo and behold, I found all 3 not on the couch, but our bed. J.J. still hisses at Casey & Tessie sometimes; and other times, he swats them w/a right cross. Tessie has gotten spanked a few times for trying to play the Alpha, and Casey steals J.J.’s toys all the time. I’ve even tried hiding them in his kitty play tunnel, but Casey still manages to find them.

J.J. runs back and forth between all the rooms. I call it zooming. My husband nicknamed him The Streak.

J.J. likes sitting behind the patio blinds just looking outside, so we have to be careful w/Mr. Sneaky. I don’t want him to be an outside cat (backyard forest, crazy drivers/fast cars, saw a skunk running thru the backyard, etc.) I just ordered this outdoor pet (cats, rabbits, & small dogs) pen from Amazon; it’s scheduled for delivery today.

J.J.’s newest thing is sitting on the window perch in his (or spare) bedroom. I caught him trying to climb thru the blinds the other day. I guess I’ll be placing another order from Chewy pretty soon.

When J.J. got his Leukemia Booster, he weighed 9 lbs. Our Vet said he was 1 lb. overweight and suggested I cut back on his food. I have, but he’s hungry all the time. . .must be that zooming! And, he’s a growing boy. Orijen just came out w/this new weight management cat food. I love the refrigerator cat door. Haha!!!

Bro & Sis Got Groomed Today

Tessie had a grooming appointment this morning. Casey’s appointment was scheduled for next Saturday; but when we got to PetSmart, our groomer offered to take both of them. Casey rode along for the drop-off, so my husband went out to the car and brought him in.

PetSmart was running a special for $19 on this new shampoo called Hempz, which is supposed to help w/itching. Nail grinding was included. Just the nail grinding is $12, so I opted to get the special for both Casey & Tessie.

While Casey & Tessie were at PetSmart, we walked 4 miles on the Ruston, WA waterfront trail. It was a beautiful day, and I think all of us will sleep good tonite!

When we picked Casey & Tessie up, they had bandanas on. Casey’s said “Ready to Cuddle,” and Tessie’s said “I am Beautiful.” Then when we got home, J.J. kept going up to Casey and smelling him.