My Blogroll

My fave online shopping sites for pet supplies & pet treats ~

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply


Besides my Vet, these sites are my go-to places when I have a question ~

AKC Family Dog Magazine – Digital Edition

American Kennel Club
WOOFipedia by The American Kennel Club


Do you need a reminder for monthly Flea Treatment and/or Heartworm medication? ~

Merial (Frontline and/or Heartgard Reminder)

PetParents (Advantage and/or Advantix Reminder)

Beware of these poisonous plants & other poisons ~

“17 Poisonous Plants”
“Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants”
“Poison List”

Traveling w/your pet? ~

“Travel Better with The AAA PetBook”
“Pet-Friendly Hotel Search”
“Instant Pet-Friendly Hotel Search”


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