The Five Lives of Jake

One Life: Given 24 hours to live after bringing him home from the Oklahoma City Humane Society.
Two Lives: Ran out of the car and across Las Vegas Blvd. An 18-wheeler truck stopped traffic so that I could rescue him.
Three Lives: Mr. Escape Artist is always running outside and has stayed out all nite a few times. I will finally hear him at the door about 2 or 3am. Then, I can sleep.
Four Lives: Ate poisonous Lily plant in Oklahoma City.

I was supposed to adopt a female cat with no stripes; but w/that first little “Hmmm” when my husband walked in, Jake won him over.

So whatever nickname we call him (Jake Man, Little Man, Mr. Man, Mr. Wethead), home is wherever Jake decides to take a nap. . . .

And if Mr. Picky decides he does not like his food anymore, then Mom returns the unused bag and/or cans and buys something else. . . .


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