A Tip From a Dog Trainer

I took Tessie out to potty the other day; and of course someone is near us, but that someone happens to be a dog trainer. So, I apologize for all the barking and explain that it’s the breed, plus she is very protective of me. Then, the lady starts talking to me as we’re walking the same way, but I can’t hear a thing she says over Tessie’s barking even though I keep trying to say “Shhh” to her. Finally, we get across the parking lot, and the lady stops at her car while I stop to throw a bag of trash in the trash bin.

And, here’s the tip. . . .
She told me to put my hand on Tessie when she starts barking and without saying a word. This will calm her down. If I were to say something, that would reinforce the bad behavior I want to stop. When she barks non-stop at people or dogs, she is nervous or scared.

I still say Tessie is protective of me though, because she doesn’t do this w/my husband. And according to the dog trainer, I’ve been doing it wrong for 5 years, so it may take awhile to train both Tessie & me. Of course, I think there are times when you want your dog to bark non-stop. They might be alerting you to danger nearby. Right???


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