Part 3: Shame on Dr. Snickers!

After trying all the supplements in “Part 2:  Going Off Apoquel” and socks at night, we took Casey to our new Vet on Friday, November 11th. None of the Chinese/Herbal or natural supplements were working, and Casey was miserable.


His symptoms were back to the same symptoms before he was on Apoquel more than a year ago: red/sore paws, black splotches/red pimples on his belly, rubbing his chin on the carpet, itching/scratching, and an ear infection.

For everyone that read “Part 1:  You Know Those Snickers Commercials,” Apoquel is a good drug for dogs like Casey w/allergies. It just cannot be given to dogs previously diagnosed w/cancer.

Our new Vet prescribed Cephalexin for the infection on his belly and VEDCO CORT/ASTRIN SOLUTION for his ear infection (Inflammatory Pruritus). He recommended not removing all the ear wax when cleaning Casey’s ears and not to dip Casey’s feet but to dry them when he came in from outside. The Cephalexin was re-filled for another 10 days when the infection on his belly did not go away, and our Vet advised us that it actually takes about 2 months for the black splotches on his belly to clear up. He was right! I am so glad we finally found a great Vet in Washington State. It only took us 5 tries!


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