Part 1: You Know Those Snickers Commercials?

Our new Vet came in the Exam Room; and Casey, aka Wild Man, knocked the tray with 2 vaccines out of the Vet’s hand in his attempt to greet his namesake, Dr. Casey. After Dr. Casey picked everything up off the floor, he sat down. Casey tried to go over and greet him a second time, but Dr. Casey looked a little stressed and asked me to “let him have his space until Casey settled down.” So, that explains the title of my post, “You Know Those Snickers Commercials?”

And, would you believe this is probably the best Vet I’ve seen in Washington State. His bedside manner is a little demeaning to say the least. He’s a Vet though, so shouldn’t he be used to dealing w/all dog temperaments (biters, greeters, growlers, etc)? And, did he really need to scare me by telling me we were killing our dog. And by this, I mean Apoquel & overweight.

Dr. Casey advised me that Apoquel is not meant for long-term use. It has been linked to increasing the risk of cancer & pneumonia in dogs. Cancer is the #1 reason Goldens die too early. Dr. Casey referred us to the Dermatology Vet Clinic in Tacoma to get to the root of Casey’s allergies instead of just covering up all the allergy issues w/Apoquel. Depending on the weather, Casey still licks his paws and rubs his chin on the carpet. So, why am I spending $122 every 45 days for Apoquel? I want him to be a happy, normal dog; and with Apoquel, he is.

Casey weighs 119 pounds. He is a big boy; but on a scale of 1 (“Ribs, etc evident from a distance. No discernible body fat. Obvious loss of muscle mass.”) to 9 (“Massive fat deposits. Waist and abdominal tuck absent.”), he’s an 8 (“Ribs not palpable under very fat cover, or palpable only with significant pressure. Heavy fat deposits over lumbar area and base of tail. Waist absent. No abdominal tuck. Obvious abdominal distention may be present.”). He should be a 4.5 (“Ribs palpable, with minimal fat covering/without excess fat covering. Waist easily noted when viewed from above. Abdominal tuck evident.”). This is the 2nd reason why dogs die too early. Casey eats 1 1/2 cups of Fromm Pork & Peas twice a day. Three cups total dog food pet day is not the problem. It’s getting tossed snacks from Dad, too many treats, and no exercise. So, Casey is cut off from all snacks and/or leftovers, limited to 3 treats per day, and we started our exercise program (walking up & down the hill from our apartment up to Haggen’s (It’s a grocery store in the Northwest).

Casey only needed his 3-year DHLPP & annual Bordatella vaccines. Dr. Casey advised me adult dogs don’t need the Corona vaccine…only puppies. He also did not recommend the Flu vaccine. The only vaccine he recommended was for Lyme disease, but we don’t take Casey to the woods to go camping or hiking. We’ve just taken him to the lake one time to go swimming. He also said he has an Iris Cyst in his left eye. He showed me the cyst w/the flashlight and said it was nothing to worry about. Dr. Casey also recommended cleaning Casey’s feet every time he comes in from outside with 1/2 70% Alcohol & 1/2 Distilled Vinegar and then pat dry w/a towel.

Please watch for “Part 2: Going Off Apoquel” to be posted in a few days.


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