Flu Vaccine for Doggies

I got another flu bug last month and ended up at Urgent Care. Even though I had the flu vaccine last November, the Urgent Care Doctor said the one going around takes longer to get rid of. She gave me prescriptions for stomach cramping & nausea/vomiting.

That same morning, I stopped and picked up our mail from the day before. Casey had a reminder card from our Vet that he is due for some of his shots. And guess what, there’s a flu vaccine for dogs. This might be a no-brainer for us.

I’m going to our 4th Vet tomorrow since being in Washington State. I always compare new Vets w/past Vets. We had great Vets in Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, & Huntington Beach. It took me 2 tries in Oklahoma and 4 tries in California to find the right Vet, so I’m really hoping my 4th try in Washington State will be my last. It’s a husband & wife team like my Huntington Beach Vet.



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