GSD’s: A Shared Feeding Guide

I would like to share the following guest post with everyone. I added the images of the beautiful German Shepherds.

Do you know exactly what you should be feeding your dogs? Many dog owners do not realize that every breed is different and that every breed has its own, unique dietary requirements. When accepting a new German Shepherd into your pack, whether it is an older rescue dog or a young pup, you should make sure you know the best diet to put it on.

This means taking a standard German Shepherd balanced diet and adapting it to your dog’s particular need including age and activity level. For more information, check out this guide to the best foods for German Shepherdsans; but in short, you need to ensure your dog receives 22% protein and 5-8% fat in its diet.

Most important of all, ensure your German Shepherd is eating high quality food. Use a mixture of dry and wet food because just using dry food is not healthy for any dog. Do consider whether you are comfortable using raw food too; especially bones, liver, and heart. One product to avoid is corn syrup. In terms of quantity, puppies require more so they can grow healthily, and older dogs need less as they do less.


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