Welcome Home Mom & Dad!

We took a short vacation and traveled thru 4 states in 6 days (Washington, Oregon, California, & Nevada). My stepson & his girlfriend babysit Casey, Jake, & Tessie. Casey started getting over his bug w/i 24 hours. That was a huge relief, since we weren’t able to take them on our trip. The long car ride would have been too stressful for them.

How the In-N-Out Double Double Ruined This Man's Life [COMIC]

We had a relaxing vacation and ate at some great restaurants. Our favorite was two visits to In-N-Out. Please come to Washington State! You can only find In-N-Out in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, & Utah. And, there’s a new one in Medford, Oregon. . .only 426.1 miles away.

It was sunny weather almost the entire trip, and it was nice to get back to California & Nevada. I never thought I would say I miss those states; but wow, what a difference between California, Nevada, & Washington State. Litter everywhere. . .in Washington State. What a shame for such a beautiful state!

Funny story though after my last post, “Aloha to Trust Issues.” I colored my hair Medium Auburn Brown; and well, it came out a little brighter red than I expected. Good thing I used Clairol “Natural Instincts” Non-Permanent Hair Color. . .the kind that washes out. So, I can’t joke about the women w/brightly colored dyed hair in Washington State anymore. Oops. . .haha!


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