The Bug Returned

Casey’s bug returned. This time, he had blood in his “cow pie” as our Vet called it. My husband said this was the best $203 I ever spent.

Physical Exam – Comprehensive $49
Intestinal Parasite Exam $27
Cytology – (In Hospital) $33.50
Intestinal Giardia Screen $20
Metronidazole 250mg $42.84
Proviable DC Capsules $24.90
Total Payments – Thank you: $203.68

Our Vet said both Tessie & Casey ate or drank something that was bad for them. It could have been dirty/stagnant water, garbage, people food, or just something in the environment outside. Maybe, it’s the environment, since there are a lot of landmines outside (doggie poop). Casey had 2 kinds of bacteria when our Vet looked at the stool sample under the microscope. One of the bacteria was even a floating one. We have to keep an eye on Tessie to make sure her bug does not come back.

When Casey gets over this, we have to start him on a serious exercise program. He weighed a whopping 112.8 lbs. I asked our Vet if it could be from all the medicine he’s been on (antibiotics, short-term steroids; and now, Apoquel for his allergies). He said no. It’s just like us. If we don’t exercise, we gain weight.


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