A Backyard for Casey

Tessie had a backyard her first year in Oklahoma. She had a lot of fun w/her big brother, Zack. She used to steal all his sticks. I’d gather them up in the yard, and then she’d move them to where she wanted them. Casey has never had a backyard, and he’s 3 years old.

Our apartment lease is up September 1st. I’d love to find a small house to rent out in the country. Certain areas of Auburn, WA are becoming what they call “Tweakers” like they have in Lakewood & Tacoma, WA. Since I just quit my job at the Commissary, I have to find a new job first though. Depending on how that goes, we may have to postpone moving for 6 months.

I guess it’s easier to just let the landscapers do this….

Hey, I have an idea! I could start my own business. I could literally fill one of those green lawn trash bags with dog poop and then put it by the Apartment Management Office w/my business card. I’d have to come up w/a catchy name like . . . Doody Calls Service or Poop-a-loopa Pick-up Service. Haha!


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