Are Fleas the New Superbug?

Cartoon Flea http___supercleaveland64_deviantart_com_art_Pierrot-Flea ___

When we lived in Huntington Beach, CA, Zack was on Advantix. It stopped working in that area. Our Vet suggested we switch to Frontline Plus, and I’ve been a loyal user of the Frontline brand since 2004 or 2005. Both Casey & Tessie have been itching constantly since applying Frontline Plus last month, so is Frontline Plus not working in Auburn, WA?

I talked to a lady at one of the local independent pet stores I shop at, and she told me that Frontline Plus has not updated their formula whereas Advantage II & K9 Advantix II have. Is that why they have Frontline Plus equivalents now? Since I use Advantage II for Jake w/no issues, I decided to give K9 Advantix II another try. She told me I may have to apply Advantix every 3 weeks though.


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