Casey Has a Bug

Last month, we started getting some warm & humid weather in Washington. The problem with that is most apartments & houses in Washington don’t have air conditioning and/or ceiling fans. Our apartment has two windows, but only the one in the bedroom opens up. The living room has a french door, but we can’t keep it open 24/7 because of mosquitoes. We have a portable A/C unit that we use as needed. Otherwise, we usually have 3 fans blowing. When we’re not home, we always leave a fan running for Casey, Jake, & Tessie.

This is just really weird that all of us but Jake had flu-like symptoms. We’re not sure if it was the apartment being stuffy, stress due to fireworks, or a flu bug; but first Tessie and now Casey, had a bout with diarrhea. Their noses have been a little warm but no other symptoms for the normal Ms. Barky & Wild Man, so we have made sure they have plenty of cold water w/ice in it. We gave Tessie Pepto-Bismol, and she was fine after 2 or 3 days. We started giving Casey Pepto-Bismol, but then switched to Kaopectate Vanilla Flavor when we ran out of Pepto. He seems to be on the mend after 3 or 4 days. I think the Nummy Tum Tum brand of Organic Pumpkin & Pedialyte Unflavored helped their tummies and kept them from getting dehydrated.


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