Pets Are Pedestrians, Too!

I can’t even walk across the apartment parking lot w/Casey & Tessie as pedestrians. We have to wait for all the drivers in a big hurry. I think they need pet crossing signs. Here are my favorites ~

I got a ticket recently for talking on my cell phone while driving. After paying a $75 ticket, I learned my lesson. In Washington State, I see too many people driving and walking while talking or texting on their cell phone. The Washington State Patrol actually does distracted driver patrols. Yes, pedestrians have the right of way, but why would you walk across the street w/a hood on, on your cell phone, and assume drivers see you. I don’t know how many times I’ve been ready to back-up out of a parking space at the grocery store or mall, and some oblivious pedestrian on their cell phone walks behind my car as I start to back-up. Maybe, the Washington State Patrol should start giving tickets to distracted walkers, too! So, don’t let this be you. . . .

Of course if they do that, they would probably have to start giving distracted driver tickets for things like drinking coffee or eating your breakfast/lunch, putting make-up on, and smoking while driving. Remember, your kids and/or pets may be in the car with you.


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