It’s T.E. Day!

Or tooth extraction day for Casey. I just dropped him off at our new Vet, and he is getting his infected tooth removed. It’s a pre-molar. Our Vet said better that one than the molar in front of it, which is the biggest tooth in his mouth. Casey did bite down on something and crack the tooth; and apparently, it’s been like that for a while. There was food & hair stuck in it.

Casey likes to walk himself, so we’re thinking maybe he bit down on his choke chain. The collar w/choke chain is being replaced. I bought him a Denver Broncos collar from Amazon and a Sporn “Stop-Pulling! Harness” plus a Sporn “Training Leash w/2 handles for maximum control” from Wal-Mart. The latter will be for longer walks. Casey needs to lose 20 lbs. Our Vet instructed us to cut his food & treats down by 25% and EXERCISE HIM! It wouldn’t hurt me to get some exercise either. Between my ankle, sitting at a desk job, and way too many Coca-Colas & sweets, 20 lbs. would be a good start.


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