It’s Kind of Fishy!

My 2 week vacation has been relaxing in between jobs. Casey, Jake, & Tessie like having one of us at home w/them. But, it’s kind of fishy . . . or funny . . . or weird the way my Temp job just happened to end the same day I went to turn in forms for my new permanent job. Maybe, I’m just being paranoid, but it’s almost like this small, family owned company that files in 3-ring notebooks instead of 20th Century filing cabinets read “My Need to Vent” post and thought I was talking about them. Whether I was or wasn’t, it’s called free speech!

Well, moving on ~
Here’s a couple of brands of wet cat food I bought for our very own “Fussie Cat” to try . . . Jake, aka Mr. Picky!


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