Part 2: “A Cat-Friendly Restroom”

Or . . . “Does Your Cat Dislike the Litter?”

And boy, little did I know how vindictive cats can be when they don’t like something new (or maybe it’s just Jake).
• Splattered litter on wall
• #1 and #2 on Casey’s bed twice
• #1 and #2 on the carpet right under where the litter box sits on a built-in computer shelf

What a little stinker!!!

Five Reasons Your Cat’s Not Using the Litter Box
(1) Medical Issues
(2) Covered Litter Boxes
(3) Depth of the Litter
(4) Arthritis
(5) Location

(1) Your cat stands with one, two, or all four of his or her feet on the rim of the pan.
(2) Your cat doesn’t dig at all in the litter before or after eliminating.
(3) Your cat shakes his or her paws repeatedly after exiting the box.
(4) Your cat jumps in the box, eliminates, and then immediately leaps out and runs from the box.
(5) Your cat eliminates right next to the box instead of inside it.

~ HealthyPet Magazine – Winter 2013 (I was unable to find the link.)

I definitely think Jake dislikes it when I change something of his. I had his litter in a low pan up on the built-in computer shelf, but litter was going everywhere. So, I bought a covered litter box that was a higher pan. I put it on the floor, but our 2nd little stinker, Tessie, kept getting in it. We always knew when she did, because the evidence was on her beard. Oh well . . . back up on the computer shelf again. After Jake stopped using the box, I went back to “Tidy Cat Small Spaces” clumping litter and took the lid off. What do you know . . . all is good again except for cat litter going everywhere!


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