Part 1: You Have a Cat . . . Don’t You?

What can I do to freshen the entire room my litter box is in?

Dr. Smith: Maintain a clean litter box, first of all, but treat the air, also. Absorbents draw odor from the air by neutralizing or bonding with odor molecules. Odor Crystals are a good example. These volcanic zeolite crystals actually attract airborne odors and trap them into their porous surface. Another way to keep odors at bay in the litter box room is with the use of air fresheners. NilOdor Automatic Aerosol Dispensing System provides around-the-clock, battery-operated freshening, so even when you can’t be there to spray after your cat uses the litter box, this system will freshen automatically. Be careful not to overdo scent use, however, because if the scent is too strong, your cat may avoid the room with the litter box and eliminate elsewhere.


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