Mr. Escape Artist

Do you have a cat that likes to sneak out and go carousing all nite . . . or maybe just sneak out to eat grass and then throw up???


The average life span of a free-roaming cat is less than three years, compared to 12-15 years for the average indoor-only cat. Our own experience with caring for cats confirms these numbers. And, we believe that the weight of these numbers is behind the trend of cat owners making the safety, health, and happiness of their pet a priority by:
•Keeping their cats indoors
•Creating safe enclosures for unsupervised outdoor activity
•Enjoying the outdoors with their pet in shared activity

It’s a dangerous world out there: diseases, poisons, predators, parasites, accidents, cruelty, fights, lost


If you do decide to let your cats go outdoors there are several things that you can do to help protect them.
•Provide your cat with a harness or a collar that includes an identification tag.
•Make sure they are fully vaccinated and are spayed or neutered.
•Attach a bell to their collar to prevent them from killing songbirds or small mammals and to alert people that they are around.
•Don’t let cats out without a leash if you have busy roads or dangerous dogs in the neighborhood. Consider teaching your cat to walk on a leash. Many cats can satisfy their desire to be outside with a daily walk.


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