It’s How Much???

This was from my June 9, 2015 Vet visit ~
My husband blew a gasket when I told him I spent $209 to take Casey to the Vet and then told me “I spoiled his appetite” as I handed him his plate of Shrimp & Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo . . . .


Good thing I didn’t tell him about the estimate our current Vet gave me to extract one of Casey’s teeth (even I knew $400-$550 was insanely expensive!). They are getting ready to be our previous Vet. They don’t impress me like my past Vets. I found 3 with names that sound like they care more about your pet vs. gouging the pet owner. Maybe, I should not have gone back after my 1st visit when a woman in the lobby was telling me her German Shepherd had hip surgery, I believe. He tore out his stitches, and they could not just replace them. They actually had to perform the surgery a 2nd time, so she was charged double. That’s just crazy!

After checking reviews on Yelp, I found 5 Vets that impress me and are close to where we live. I just need to call and ask them some questions; or maybe even better, stop by and talk to them. This is perfect timing to change Vets, since it’s time for Casey’s yearly vaccinations & Heartgard test. I can get a 2nd opinion on his infections and his tooth.

Since March, Casey has been on 4 rounds of Cephalexin for a recurring bacterial infection, had his first ear infection, and his first yeast infection, too. “Cephalosporins are a group of antibiotics used to treat infections caused by gram positive and gram negative bacteria.” A bottle of Ketoconazole, which “is an antifungal medication used to treat fungal infections in your pet” costs $68.


“8 ways to save money on vet care” ~

1. Get pet insurance
2. Shop around
3. Stay on top of preventative care
4. Try a veterinary college
5. Contact your local rescue group, ASPCA, or Humane Society
6. Reach out to animal welfare charities
7. Sign up for a plan with your vet
8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pup

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