It’s time for the monthly flea treatment, so guess what we’re doing today . . . .


5 Reasons your dog may need a bath:
(1) Rolled in something stinky
(2) Doggy smell
(3) Dandruff
(4) Allergies
(5) Fleas, Mites, or Lice


The price of everything seems to be going up these days. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your wallet? One way to do so is by taking a do-it-yourself approach with some of your pet services. Dog grooming at home is a great example. Groomers can charge $40-$100 for full-service pet brushing and bathing. Over the course of a year, this can really add up. Why not try bathing and grooming in your home? Your dog will love being the center of your attention, and you’ll love the savings.

Brushing and bathing are easy to do at home. You simply need to:
Prepare Your Work Area
Prepare Your Pet
Bathe Away

For more advanced DIY tips:
“How to clean dogs’ ears”
“How to use dog clippers”
“Nail clipping tips”

And, one more tip for flea treatments like Advantage or Frontline:
I always use to apply after they were dry the same day that I bathed them. Then, my Vet advised me that flea treatments work best when there are natural oils in their skin. Some articles say wait 24 hours before or after bathing, and others say 48 hours. I go for the latter to be on the safe side.


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