Uh-Oh Said the Baby Squirrel

When I woke up Sunday morning, July 5th, I took Casey & Tessie out for their morning walk & business. I heard some rustling in the brush on the other side of the apartment property chain link fence. When I looked, I saw something hopping, so I thought it must be a frog. All of a sudden, this baby squirrel came running from under the fence straight towards Tessie. When the baby squirrel saw her, it did an immediate 180 and ran back under the fence.

Tessie must have been as surprised as the squirrel, because she didn’t even bark. I asked her, “Did you see the baby squirrel?” She started looking and smelling the grass. Tessie normally chases squirrels . . . something Zack taught her.

Of course, it all happened so fast, and I never have my camera or phone with me to capture these funny pictures. But if I had, it would have looked something like this . . . .


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