It’s a Slugfest in WA State!

Snails & garden or garter snakes, too!

And, it’s snowing in the Springtime . . . .

All these guys come out when it’s cool & moist . . . .

I should have posted this like a week ago, because I think it’s officially Summertime now. We had some 90+ degree weather the last couple of days. We were hot . . . the cat was hot . . . the dogs were hot. The dogs periodically got doused with cold water, but they were still panting like crazy and then slept in front of one of the 3 fans we had running. We tried to buy a portable air conditioner, but all the stores were cleaned out. Luckily, I was able to order one online for store pick-up from Lowe’s today, so we’ll be ok when the next heat wave hits.

Apparently, most residential housing in Washington State does not have central air & heat, because it is simply not needed. Growing up in the South where you cannot live without it, it was pretty miserable . . . especially for Casey with his long fur coat!


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