Does Your Doggie Get Enough Exercise?


Outdoor Dog Adventures: 5 Fun Ideas!

(1) Take a Walk
(2) Backyard/Park Fetch
(3) Hiking Adventure
(4) Water Sports, Anyone?
(5) Dog Agility Parks/Trails

Or, how about some indoor exercise? Casey runs laps in our apartment. He runs around the living room, into the bedroom, and jumps on & off the bed. We sold all but 1 piece of our furniture to make moving across country less expensive; and since we haven’t replaced everything yet with new deals, there’s room for laps. I bet our downstairs neighbor loves that. Haha!

And, Casey & Tessie love playing tug-of-war and wrestling. If Casey gets too rough, Tessie lets him know by pulling at his chest hair (or fur) and growling.


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