Fruits, Veggies, and Other Foods

Our Day 4 assignment is to “Identify Your Audience.” Part of that audience is my husband, who is really bad about feeding table scraps. He says he’s a “softie.” And, the other part is all pet lovers.

I wonder why some pets live shorter lives than others. I guess it’s the same with humans. Is it just their time to go? I lost Elliott, my half Persian cat, at 10 or 11 of cancer. I lost Lucy, my Tuxedo kitty, at 8 or 9 of an aneurism. And, we lost Zack, our Golden Retriever, at 10 of cancer.

So, I want our pets as healthy as we try to be. And, I want to share that with all pet lovers.


Just remember these are “people foods” or table scraps, and too much of these can lead to those “pleading hungry eyes,” causing
★ Weight Concerns
★ Belly Issues
★ Behavior Problems


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