Fun vs. Practical Pet Gift Ideas


(1) Dog Treats with a Purpose


(2) The Perfect Dog Bed


(3) The Benefits of Pet Doors


(4) Pet Treat Maker for the Gadget Lover


(5) Customized Pet Stocking,3P0Z,26CJG3,7O56,1

(6) Fresh Water Available 24/7

(7) A New Kitty or Puppy


(8) Pass up the treats & toys and consider these suggestions from Dr. Greg Magnusson of Leo’s Pet Care in Indianapolis and as published in an article titled, “5 Amazing Gifts From Our Pets” by Portia Stewart (Published Date Unknown).


》Play it safe and buy a seat belt, pet barrier, or crate for your pet.
》Dig your dog’s dishes and your kitty’s cups by updating your food and water bowls.
》Get in on grooming with new brushes and grooming tools.
》Brush up on dental care with pet toothbrushes.
》Invest in veterinary care.
》Make a promise to play.

(9) Help Finding Treats


(10) Pet Shopping Online

I order from different online stores, but these are my 4 favorite:

This Christmas, Jake, Tessie, & Casey are getting new beds. I’m trying to shop where I have coupons and/or find the best deal. Jake will probably curl up in Tessie’s instead of his. And, I probably could have just bought Tessie a pillow & pillowcase, since her spot on the bed is right between my husband’s head & mine. She is notorious for kicking us with her back feet when we crowd her.

Have fun pet shopping for your Furr-Family!


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