Age and Reflection


As we approach the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, here’s an article that sums up Casey & me. Hmmm . . . So, I’m the cause of his “Wild Man” behavior. All this time, I thought I was more like Jake or Tessie . . . a little pms’y at times, lack of patience at other times, & stubborn.

People say that dogs and their humans start to resemble each other after a while, and you’ve probably known or seen examples yourself — the woman and the poodle with the same curly hair; the man with sagging jowls like his bulldog’s; the owner and dog who always have the same confused expression.

Part of this may be that humans just tend to pick dogs that resemble them physically in some way. But what no one realizes is that no matter what you look like, your dog resembles you in a far deeper way than just the outside…


The New Dog Scale ~


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