Are Your Pets Holiday-Ready?

Are social graces causing your doggie to behave badly?


Many owners comment that during the busy holiday season, they must keep their dog confined because he or she is unruly. We hear stories of begging, food stealing, jumping up with muddy paws, barking, and other woes. These behaviors should not be acceptable in any holiday house. They are an indication not only of lack of training, but of poor socialization.

Is stress causing your kitty to act out?


Many behaviors cat owners deem ‘problematic’ may actually be caused by mental or emotional stress. Cats are intelligent animals, sensitive to their physical and emotional environment. Aggression, elimination problems, or unwanted scratching are just a few examples of ‘bad’ behavior that may be triggered by stress.

Are your pets child-friendly?

Hey Little Buddy, time to go beddy-bye.

Hey Little Buddy, time to go beddy-bye.

Socializing dogs to children is best done when the dog is between 5 weeks and 5 months of age. Unless you have a dog that just doesn’t like kids (and there are some out there), it is never too late to train him to be child-friendly.

To begin the socialization process, encourage your children to gently play with the puppy or dog and to bring over peers so he or she learns to get along with youngsters. If you do not have children, invite neighborhood kids over to interact.

How do you translate your doggie’s body language?

© Dogs For Defense K-9

© Dogs For Defense K-9

If a dog is wagging his tail, that always means he’s happy, right?

And if he’s standing totally still, that means he definitely wants to be petted, correct?


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