A Well-Trained Dog

A well-trained dog is a joy to live with. Take him practically anywhere, neighbors will not complain about barking, and you can trust him not to destroy your house. The best part of having a well-trained dog is how happy he will be – he’ll know what is expected of him, and that living with his “pack” is easy.





1. Train on a regular schedule.

2. Keep training sessions short – not over 15 minutes.

3. Have one person teach the dog initially; gradually involve other family members.

4. Work in quiet, non-distracting surroundings.

5. Be consistent (same tone, etc.) when giving the dog commands (such as “sit”).

6. Encourage your dog when he performs correctly by petting him, speaking in a friendly tone, and rewarding him with a tidbit.

7. Don’t rush training, have patience.

8. Teach one trick or skill at a time. As you teach new ones, review what the dog has already learned.

9. If your dog is not feeling well or is out of sorts, give him a vacation from training.

10. Never shout at or strike your dog. Your patience, understanding and kindness will be rewarded.


Now, I need to take my own advice. I was working with Casey as a puppy until he got so strong he could pull a sled. I had planned to take him to the highly-recommended K9 University in Oklahoma City, because I got a discount thru the FAA. But then, it got hot & humid. He’s still a puppy, but I definitely need to take him before he turns 2 years old on May 24th.

And a trick I learned from when I took Zack for training . . . let your dog tire himself out running around before class starts!

Here’s an article from Doctor’s Foster & Smith about dogs jumping on humans, which is Casey’s bad habit.



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