Did You Know These Interesting Pet Facts?


The 10 Biggest Myths About Cats and Dogs Debunked

1. My dog seems to run in his sleep. Could he be dreaming?
2. Why can a cat always land on its feet?
3. Why do dogs like to have their bellies scratched?
4. Do dogs and cats have a sense of humor?
5. My dog likes to lie in mud puddles and other icky places. Why?
6. Can a cat be trained the way a dog can?
7. One of my cats loves catnip; the other couldn’t care less. What gives?
8. Why does my dog like to smell other dogs’ behinds?
9. Why does my cat like to sleep in weird places, like atop keyboards or inside cardboard boxes?
10. I have a ‘knead-y’ cat. What’s she up to?
11. Why do cats like to nap so much?
12. Can dogs and cats get colds from us?

Short Answers:
1. Yes
2. Flexible spine but not always
3. Not all do, but human fingers are softer than doggie toenails.
4. Dogs have a sense of fun instead, but cats definitely do. After all, they let us live w/them.
5. Mud puddles are like air conditioners for our furry friends; and as for icky, it’s all in the nose of the beholder.
6. Yes, as long as there’s something in it for them.
7. The catnip high only affects about 1/3 to 1/2 of all cats.
8. Sniffing tells the sniffer all about the sniffee’s sex, reproductive, & social status.
9. They love sleeping in or on something that their human owner touches all the time.
10. Attention & contentment
11. So they can be night owls
12. No, but it’s best to keep your distance to be on the safe side.

Long Answers:


What does a dog’s tilted head mean?

Short Answer:
Heard a sound like car keys or a familiar word . . . go, potty, etc.

15 more signals from the language of dogs:


5 Reasons Dogs Expose Their Belly

Short Answers:
1. Love & attention
2. Scratch assistance
3. Security
4. Cool off
5. Show respect

Long Answers:


Why Man’s Best Friend is Man’s Best Friend

Physical benefits of dog companionship
♡ Increase longevity after heart attacks.
♡ Lower cholesterol and triglycerides.
♡ Decrease blood pressure and reduce stress.
♡ Increase physical activity and functioning.
♡ Reduce medical appointments and minor health problems.
♡ Predict seizures.
♡ Alert to hypoglycemia.

Emotional benefits of dog companionship
♡ Adjust to serious illness and death.
♡ Be less anxious and feel more safe.
♡ Relax and reduce everyday stress.
♡ Have physical contact.
♡ Lift our mood.
♡ Feel less lonely.
♡ Have something to care for.
♡ Keep active.
♡ Have consistency.

Social benefits of dogs
♡ Create a sense of closeness and well-being.
♡ Offer a topic of conversation.
♡ Promote interaction.


This last article is from WOOFipedia by The American Kennel Club and is titled,

Ten Surprising Truths About Life With Dogs.



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