Part 3: We Moved

We’ve been in Washington State for almost 2 weeks now, and my husband started his new job. Unfortunately, my job hunting will have to wait at least 6 – 8 weeks. I stepped off a curb onto an uneven parking lot at 3 am in Raton, NM and fractured my ankle, so I had surgery right after Labor Day.

~ Right fibula fractured (surgery req’d) / left chipped (will heal on its own)

After I posted “Part 2: We’re Moving,” I received an email from an employee of Trupanion in Seattle, WA. This looks like a really cool place to work, and I can see Jake lounging at my desk if I were to get a job there. I think Ms. Barky & Wild Man would probably be sent home with a note not to return though. Haha!

Trupanion, a medical insurance provider for cats and dogs, currently has a 1:2 pet to employee ratio—one of the highest in the country. Every employee has the opportunity to bring their well-behaved dogs and cats into the office every day. You can find more about our pet-friendly workplace and policies on our website.

And, check out these sites for more pet-friendly jobs in your state:


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