Part 2: We’re Moving

Fourteen years ago, Oklahoma was a great place to live. I loved living here, and I hated that we had to leave 3 years later. I was excited when we moved back after a year in Las Vegas & 7 years in Southern California. It’s not the same though, so here we are 3 years later donating to Goodwill, packing, and posting items to sell on Craigslist.

Why you might ask? Casey’s allergies, our allergies, no beach, no mountains, humid weather; but most important, for the kids & grandkids.

And, guess where we’re moving to . . . .

~ Seattle, we’re on our way!

So, what do I want to do for my next job? I could go back into Commercial Property Management like I did here & California, work for the newspaper like I did in Vegas, or maybe get a Fed job since I have experience working as a contractor which leads me to . . . .

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could take your dog to work? They could be your assistant . . . keep any human pests away . . . just hang out . . . or get their own day job.


1. Food Quality Assurance Tester
2. Head of Security / Army General
3. Heating Pad
4. CEO of a Pet Store
5. Motivational Speaker
6. Counselor
7. Royalty
8. Paper Shredder
9. Gas Man
10. Cat Herder

Top 10 Favorite “Day Jobs” for Dogs – Pets Best Insurance

I can see Tessie getting a job as the Head of Security / Army General, and Casey would be perfect as a Paper Shredder.


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