Part 1: We’re Moving

I know you may not want to read another post about Casey’s allergies, but I want to share what works and what doesn’t work.


First, an update from an earlier post titled “Supplements: Good Buy or Impulsive Purchase.” I would definitely buy Olewo’s Dehydrated Carrots & Red Beets again just for some added veggies. And, here are 2 more tasty dehydrated treats from Orijen and Stella & Chewy’s that I like to crumble on their kibble.

Azmira’s Aller’G Free did not help Casey at all, but Vetoquinol’s AllerG-3 was a great buy. Because I like the Vetoquinol brand, I purchased Vetoquinol’s Select Antioxidant. Unfortunately, Casey had an allergic reaction, and I had to stop giving him this product immediately. It has “Natural and Artificial Flavors.” I contacted Vetoquinol, but I received no response.

I started researching natural supplements again and found the following article:

Quercetin, Bromelain, Papain, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, & Coconut Oil (*) . . . are these the magic ingredients to help with allergens (ear infections, excessive paw chewing/licking, hot spots, itchy skin, scratching, & watery eyes) when used in combination? (*) Coconut oil can be mixed in food and/or rubbed on skin.

I think this combination of supplements helped, because Casey’s symptoms went from better to worse immediately after he finished his last Quercetin capsule. Unfortunately, Quercetin isn’t meant to be taken on a long-term basis.

So, what should I try next to control Casey’s allergies? I could get back to the basics. We need vitamins, so doesn’t it make sense our pets do, too? Read about the benefits of Biotin (Vitamin B) & Omega 3’s. I did try the Biotin product early on, but I realize now though that I was not increasing the suggested dosage as he grew. I should have given him 1 tablet per 15 lbs.

In an article from Healthy Pets with Dr. Karen Becker, she stated

The more your pet is exposed to the allergens he’s sensitive to, the more intense and long-lasting his allergic response becomes.

(This article is similar to another article by Dr Becker that I shared a link to in my post, “Allergy Do’s and Don’ts.”)

Limiting your pet’s exposure to his allergens is most effective, but not usually practical – it may mean relocating to a different climate!

So, I don’t know where we’re moving to yet, but I have till August 27th to try and find a place without carpet (Casey’s #1 allergy). To be continued in “Moving: Part 2” . . . .


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