Tessie Is Facing Eviction

BARK, BARK, BARK . . . That’s what Miniature Schnauzers do . . . They’re protectors.

Within our first month of where we live now, we received a verbal noise complaint. Then 2 weeks ago, we received a second notice. This time, it was a written notice posted on our door.

X Pet Disturbance

Several complaints about loud barks from dog at early hours of the morning. Neighboring apartments are being disturbed and have loss of sleep, making it an uncomfortable living situation for many. Please take neighbors into consideration when your pet excessively barks.

Later that same day when I took her downstairs for her after dinner potty, she started barking. She barks when she gets excited, when she sees other dogs & people, when she’s playing w/Casey; and well, when she thinks someone needs her “what for attitude.” So as we’re going downstairs and she’s barking, one of our neighbors yelled “SHUT UP” out their window.

I wouldn’t want to be woken up at 4:30 am either, but there are other small dogs that bark a lot (including 3 more Miniature Schnauzers) at our apartment complex. I wonder if they received notices, too. I’ve changed my work hours, but I am refusing to muzzle her. Instead, I am trying Cesar’s technique of “shhh” & “touch” when she starts to bark. This is just one more reason to leave Oklahoma and move to the beach or mountains!


Who wouldn’t love this face?


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