Nicknames, Little Noises, & Dress Up

Do your pets have nicknames?
Jake is Jakeman, Little Man. & Mr. Man. Tessie is Lon Chaney (before grooming), Stick Woman (after grooming), & Tessie Tood. And, Casey is The Moose & Wild Man.

Or, how about:

What Is Your Dog-Show Name?

from WOOFipedia by The American Kennel Club. Tessie is Slobber Mouth’s Trendy Brautwurst, and Casey is ImPawsible Dream’s Fluffy Meatball.

Check it out at:

Do your pets make noises?
Jake makes this little “hmm” noise. Tessie snorts like a rhino and even sneezes on cue. And, Casey doesn’t make any little noises. He just sounds like a wolf when he barks.

Do you buy doggie sweaters or Halloween costumes? Here are the Top 10 Cutest Dog Costumes from

10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Dog

from WOOFipedia by The American Kennel Club. From maxing out your credit card on doggie clothes (need to find a rhino horn for Tessie) to researching new dog products (that’s me), or you helped pay the college tuition for your Vet’s kids to planning your doggie’s birthday party becomes a major event.

Here’s the link:’re-obsessed-with-your-dog


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