The Bully Next Door

The cat next door is a bully. He keeps jumping up on the screened kitchen window and antagonizing Jake. I guess bullies are bullies . . . human or animals.

– Not the bully but looks like him

I think Jake is scared of him, so I only let Jake have his outside time early in the morning before I go to work.

– Not Jake but on the lookout for bullies

Well, except for last nite when Jake snuck out for a few hours. There’s an orange stray kitty that the bully’s human parents feed, and Jake likes her.

– Not Jake but 2 kitties in love

So, listen up all my fellow kitties.

– Speaking for kitties everywhere

There are a lot of us that live at this apartment complex. We need to co-exist with all animals (cats, dogs, etc) & humans. Let’s do our best to get along!


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