Golden Retriever Sweater

I was going back thru my old posts, and I re-attached a lot of my photos. I just didn’t like how my posts looked; and well, I just know more today than when I started blogging 2 years ago. So, I revamped thanks to improvements by WordPress (create galleries, etc).

And, that got my mind flowing, so I started writing and ended up with 7 drafts from emails & articles I’ve saved. Here’s one of those drafts:

It’s monthly flea treatment time (Frontline Plus for Casey & Tessie and Advantage II for Jake), and I always like to give them a bath beforehand. I’ve always put the flea treatment on the same day after they’re dry. Our Vet told me it’s better to wait a day after bathing to apply. And if you prefer to apply the flea treatment first, then wait two days before bathing. It has to do with the oil on your pet’s skin.

Jake the cat got his bath first. He’s actually really good about baths. He fights me going into the tub; but as soon as I get him wet, he just sits there. Tessie was next. She’s a doll and loves her tub-tubs. And last, my husband had to put Casey “the moose” into the tub. I had to sit on the side of the tub, so he wouldn’t jump out. He can’t wait till he’s done, and then he’s all happy that he got a bath.

Next, comes the brushing when they’re all dry. Jake loves to be combed or brushed. He always jumps up on the bathroom counter and gives me his paw when I’m combing/brushing my hair. Tessie likes it, too (unless she has mats).

Yesterday was the first time I had brushed Casey. He fought it, but I did manage to get a head start on my golden sweater:


And, this was a result of a wonderful grooming tool called “ShedZilla” by Oster. I like it better than the “Furminator.”


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