It Sure Was Quiet for a Couple of Nites

I dropped Casey off at our Vet at 7 am Thursday morning to be neutered and microchipped. We would have loved to breed him and then keep the pick of the litter, but he was really being a “horny dog” puppy. I have a lot of bruises on my legs to prove that. He’s almost 9 months old, so I’m hoping this will calm him down some.

While Casey was recuperating in the Vet’s Surgery Ward, we rewarded Tessie & Jake. Tessie got to roam the apartment while we were at work. And, Jake didn’t get locked out of the bedroom Thursday nite.

Our Vet called later in the day to say Casey “Wild Man” was out of surgery and doing well. And then, we talked about his allergies/skin infection.

Before boarding → Casey’s allergies were under control with food trial & supplements.
Boarding → Casey layed on his bed or cement in indoor/outdoor kennel.
After boarding → Allergies came back full force.
The culprit = the carpet in our apartment
The plan of attack → 1 Adult Claritin (10 mg) in am & 2 Adult Benadryl (50 mg total) in pm [Wal-Mart equivalent ok]

I still think certain foods are a problem, so I’m going to continue the no fowl & no grains in his diet. Without a $300 allergy test, I don’t know if these are a true allergy, food intolerance, or ok to feed. All I know is his allergies seem more pronounced with fowl (chicken, turkey, & duck) and grains in his diet.

I picked Casey up at 4 pm yesterday. I don’t think the operation slowed him down too much. Our Vet recommended giving him 1 Adult Aspirin for discomfort if needed. We have been doing this plus applying Neosporin to his incision.

Our Casey “Wild Man” will be back to his normal self in no time at all. 🙂


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