I Want to Be the Pack Leader

I want to learn how to be the pack leader like Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, but I have two strikes against me. (1) I’m a woman, and (2) I have a soft voice.

So, why don’t our dogs listen to me? My husband can just snap his fingers or give them a look, and they become mild-mannered pets. But me, I’m the sled, and Casey is the pulley. This is how my face had a collision with a tree yesterday. Casey yanked on the leash to go greet a dog. Ouch!

Here is an article from a personal dog trainer:
Tips from a personal dog trainer – www.dogtrainingbasics.com

Casey is very active and very strong. He wants to greet everyone (dogs & people). I’ve tried to work with him, but I think it’s time for a plain choke chain (not the pinch type) & obedience training.

Safer Choke Chain – Wag.com

I used to love watching The Dog Whisperer on TV. Here are some articles from Cesar Millan’s website (www.cesarsway.com):

– The Hyper Dog
– Discipline
– Leadership


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