The Fine Print on Pet Insurance

When I started researching pet insurance for Casey, I was concerned about genetic or hereditary conditions (specifically hip dysplasia) and pre-existing conditions (allergies & pulled shoulder muscle). So, I started comparing each insurer and reading reviews, but I think I got even more confused.

Do I want a deductible per incident or annual deductible, and do I want coverage for alternative therapies or wellness & routine care? I narrowed it down to 4 quote requests based on (1) type of deductible, (2) hereditary & genetic conditions coverage, and (3) waiting periods for orthopedic issues, accidents, & illnesses after comparing pet insurers on this link:

Policy & Service Highlights – Pet Insurance Quotes

And, here’s another helpful link with in-depth reviews:

Pet Insurance Comparison 2014 – Canine Journal

All I know is Casey’s shoulder seems to be better. We were able to cut down his dosage of Rimadyl as he got better; and now, he no longer needs it. Here are some helpful tips from my research:

▪ No insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, such as allergies.
▪ AKC & VPI exclude hereditary & genetic conditions coverage.
▪ HealthyPaws offers a 10% discount to members of AAA, AARP, Military, & others.
▪ If you have Geico, you can get a quote for pet insurance, too. It re-directs you to Embrace.
▪ Pet Assure is a veterinary discount program, not pet insurance, and you have to choose a participating Vet.
▪ 24PetWatch & ShelterCare Pet Insurance are brands of Pethealth Inc.
▪ ASPCA, Hartville Pet Health Insurance, & Petshealth Care Plan are brands of Hartville Group, Inc.
▪ Trupanion & VPI have only had one underwriter since they began selling pet insurance.
▪ Some insurers raise their premiums each year as your pet gets older, and some insurers charge an administrative fee to start their plan and/or fees to pay monthly.
▪ PurinaCare no longer sells pet insurance as of May 1, 2013.

I haven’t made my decision yet; but for our 60 pound, 7 month old moose of a puppy, I like Embrace, HealthyPaws, PetsBest, & Trupanion best. If you’re thinking about getting pet insurance, it helped me to read reviews of what other Golden Retriever pet owners are saying.



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