What’s That Smell?

Is there a Top 10 Bad Smell list? If so, doggie flatulence should be on that list. At least when Casey burps, I can hear it. But when Tessie has gas, there’s no warning. It’s just whew! Where’s the air freshener?

I started a Do Not Feed List. It includes no chicken or duck for Casey (Allergic), and now I can add no duck or venison for Tessie (Digestive Upset).

As I go thru these food allergy trials with Casey, I’ve been feeding Tessie the same food. They like to lick each others bowl; and of course, the other one’s food always tastes better. Casey is now on a 2 month trial of Nature’s Variety Prairie Venison & Barley, which is pricey. I have a new feed store I’m shopping at. They recommended Fromm Family Foods and gave me a sample. Tessie liked it, so I’m currently transitioning her to the new food (Fromm Classic Adult Formula). It’s easier on my pet food budget, and then Casey’s more expensive food will last longer.

And, I love these next 2 pictures from their website: Fromm Family Foods


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