Should I Buy Pet Insurance?

We had our first snow/ice storm in Oklahoma City Friday a week ago. We got off work early and came home to stairs leading upstairs to our apartment completely iced over.

Because the maintenance staff did not salt, I sprinkled the only thing I had (cat litter). It was better than nothing; but unfortunately, Casey still slipped once going upstairs and then on the same patch of sidewalk I almost fell on.

Casey started limping a little but was not favoring his leg nor did he act like he was in pain. I called our Vet the following Monday, and they advised me to give him 1 children’s aspirin twice a day. Two days later when we got home from work was a different story though. Casey was now favoring his leg, and he flinched when my husband touched his shoulder.

The Vet’s diagnosis: pulled shoulder muscle. Our Vet prescribed Rimadyl as needed. We have to keep him from jumping and playing too much, which will be hard for an overactive puppy. But if we don’t and Casey does not improve in 7-10 days, then he will need an x-ray. Surgery would be a rare case.

This got me thinking that maybe I should buy pet insurance. Here are some helpful links:

Read this first: A Vet’s Perspective on Pet Insurance

Compare Pet Insurance – FindTheBest

Compare Up to 2 Insurers w/VPI Pet Insurance

12 Best Pet Insurance Companies (2013) – Get Free Pet Insurance Quotes

Compare Rates & Benefits + Free Quotes – Pet Insurance Reviews


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