Allergy Do’s and Don’ts

We now know Casey is allergic to chicken and duck thru re-introducing common proteins and introducing new unique proteins. We’ll know if his allergies are environmental-related next spring, but our Vet thinks he will outgrow them. If not, that could mean allergy testing and prescription allergy medication.

So, we’re back to square one. Our Vet put Casey on 30 days of antibiotics and 10 days of Prednisone. Then, he sent me to a local feed store, Britton Feed & Seed, for a Venison diet (grains ok). I chose Prairie New Zealand Venison & Barley by Nature’s Variety. It does not have the bad grains (corn, wheat, & soy), and Casey has to be on his new food for 2 months.

It’s been frustrating and expensive with many trips to the Vet, trying a holistic approach, natural supplements, and all the prescription meds. I know our baby boy has been miserable at times, so I want to share some things that I’ve been told and read.

▪ Listen to your Vet, not the pet store
▪ An elimination diet will last a minimum of 4-6 weeks or longer
▪ It is good to rotate proteins but not during an elimination diet nor more often than once a month
▪ The kibble and the treats should be the same protein
▪ Try freeze-dried treats – pinch off a little as a treat or crumble on kibble
▪ Read the list of ingredients (especially if allergic to chicken)
▪ Beware of any products made in China
▪ Some good supplements include Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (make sure it says Unrefined) and Omega 3’s
▪ Quercetin (“Nature’s Benadryl”) taken with Bromelain & Papain helps with pain and inflammation
▪ Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is safe but not other forms of this oil

Here are some helpful links:

Hypoallergenic Dog Food Reviews – Dog Food Advisor

Freeze Dried Treats – Stella & Chewy’s

Supplements for Allergies – Dr. Karen Becker

Tea Tree Oil – Pet Poison Helpline


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