Going Grain-Free

Itch, itch, itch ~ Bite, bite, bite ~ Lick, lick, lick ~ Is it dry skin? ~ Is it allergies to food or laying in the grass? ~ Is it the fabric softener when washing sheets for kennel? ~ It’s not fleas, ticks, or worms!

Last weekend, I gave Casey a bath with oatmeal shampoo and oatmeal conditioner but still itching, biting, and licking. I noticed a red rash Wednesday night, so I called our Vet on Thursday. He recommended half a Children’s Benadryl every 4 to 6 hours but still itching, biting, and licking. Neosporin helps but still itching, biting, and licking.

It’s Saturday morning. Casey and I are off to the Vet. After a skin scraping test to rule out mange mites, the diagnosis is allergies and a skin infection. The cure may take a little longer though, since we don’t know whether it’s food or grass allergies. A shot, antibiotics dispensed for one week, Children’s Benadryl, and Neosporin are all part of the cure.

At our Vet’s recommendation, we are going to gradually change Casey’s kibble to Grain-Free. If it is a food allergy, our Vet said it may take a month or two for the itching, biting, and licking to stop.

Instead of shopping at my “go to” pet store, PetSmart, I am going to A1 Pet Emporium, a family owned pet store recommended by my Physical Therapist. I now have a new favorite pet store in Oklahoma City!

Here are some helpful links I found that rate dog food from A1 Pet Emporium and DogFoodAdvisor:

What grade does your dog food rate?

What dog food rates 5 stars?

Read reviews on dog food brands A to Z.


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