Puppy Potty Training

Play, play, play ~ slurp, slurp, slurp ~ chew, chew, chew ~ catnap snoozes ~ potty all the time!


I remember one time at my grandparents house when I was a teenager, my Grandma’s dog had an accident. My Mom didn’t just rub his nose in it but instead put a little hot sauce on the spot and then rubbed his nose in it. I think today that would be unheard of.


In our house, my husband is the disciplinarian. Not that I haven’t spanked them when they were bad, but I do not like to. I prefer to say “No, Bad Boy/Bad Girl,” “No, Drop It,” or “No, Leave It” in a deep voice that sounds like I mean it. I don’t ever want to spank them out of frustration. What scares me is when they try to eat food that someone has just thrown on the sidewalk or taking off on me if not on the leash. I only do the latter for quick potty trips if no one is around. There are too many reckless drivers even in our apartment parking lot.


In the last seven weeks, we have used pee pads to potty train Casey. I don’t want to use them; but living in an upstairs apartment, I feel like I have to so that the carpet does not get destroyed. He’s a smart boy though. He knows when I say “Go to the front door.” It was so much easier and faster to potty train when we lived in a house though. Not that there weren’t still accidents, but I think there were fewer of them.


Here are two great articles about puppy potty training:




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