Have You Shared with Marmaduke?

I wrote to Marmaduke on January 11, 2011, but I don’t know if anything was ever published. Here’s what I wrote:

Hi Marmaduke,

My husband & I have a purebred Golden Retriever, Zachary Shadow (Zack for short), and a DMH cat, Jake. Zack & Jake are both from Oklahoma and grew up together. Zack is 8 years, 7 months old, and Jake is 8 years, 3 months old.

A little background on our two boys and my stepson’s Golden Retriever, Max:

Ever since Jake first came home from the Humane Society in OKC, OK, he makes this little noise. It’s like a little ‘hmm.’ Max just turned two last December, and he is from Arizona. Both Jake & Max are our ‘little miracles.’ The Vet gave Jake 24 hours after I brought him home. She said with everything that was done to him (neuter, shots, worming), he got dehydrated and lost almost a whole pound. Max developed Parvo as a puppy in Tucson, AZ and survived.

Here are some funny and smart things I want to share with Marmaduke:

In our house, Jake is definitely the alpha male. He acts like a dog, meaning he likes to drink out of the toilet. Zack acts like a cat, meaning he lays down and give his front legs a bath.

All of our inside doors have handles instead of knobs. Zack learned how to open them with his nose about a year & half ago. And now, Max can open doors as well.

If Zack really likes you (human or animal), he will clean your ears. Jake will go and lay right in front of him, and Zack will clean his head & ears (hence the nickname for Jake, Mr. Wethead). Of course, that’s just one of his nicknames. We should have named him Rocky as in ‘Rocky Raccoon’ for his bushy tail.

Every time I go in the bathroom to brush my hair or brush my teeth, Jake comes in and jumps up on the counter. He wants to be brushed, too.

Jake thinks he gets to go outside, too. He will come up and give you his paw. If we ignore him, he will keep giving you his paw. So, we put his collar on him with a shoelace tied to it, and he stays close. Of course, he has snuck out on a few occasions and stayed out all night.

All the boys love their treats. Zack & Max think they get one every time they go out to potty. If we forget, they bark at us as a reminder. Ice makes a great treat; it’s fat-free & hydrating!

If I forget to fill up Jake’s bowl with his dry food and treats in the morning, he gives me his paw. One time it was empty, and he bit my hand.

They’re trained not to beg, but they forget that training when it comes to beef jerky. And, Jake goes gaga over a good grilled steak or chicken, shrimp, and green olives of all things.

This one is a funny story! When we lived in Las Vegas, NV, we came home one night and found a note on our front door. Our downstairs neighbor accused Zack of peeing on her head through the slats on the patio. We left her a note on their door explaining that his water bowl was right above where she would have sat to drink her coffee when it happened, but she was still certain he had peed on her.

I love reading everyone’s funny stories to Marmaduke. Hope you enjoy ours!


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