A Letter on Our Door

Zack was just over two years old when we moved from a rental house in Oklahoma City, OK (2003) to an apartment in Las Vegas, NV (2003) and then another apartment in Huntington Beach, CA (2004). He went thru some separation anxiety and destructive behavior during this time, like almost destroying the couch. I went back to work about 3 months after we moved to Huntington Beach; and weather permitting, we would put him on the patio with his water bowl and dog bed to lay on. One day, we came home to find this letter on our door from the neighbor downstairs.


We live downstairs from you in Apt. 93. Today I was sitting outside having coffee; & suddenly, I felt something wet pour down on my head. Your dog had peed on the deck; & it went right through onto our porch, all over our tablecloth & into my hair. I love animals, but this is simply too much. This is not the first time we have had reason to complain about your dog either. Since we have moved in two months ago, every morning we have been awakened by your dogs crying. From the time he is left on the porch in the morning until the time you get home, he cries almost continuously all day long. I am not one to complain about things to neighbors; & I feel bad doing so now, but this just really can’t go on. Could you please leave your dog in the house during the day when you are gone? It seems the only solution to stop his crying & make sure neither my boyfriend nor myself is peed on again.

Thank you
Name Withheld
Apt. 93


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